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www.guitaratthe This course offers instruction on playing and understanding the various musical styles of Latin Jazz on the finger-style guitar. A residential guitar course, by its nature, facilitates concentrated study and the sharing of ideas and skills with other players both amateur and professional. There is an opportunity to enjoy new and familiar repertoire in solo, duo and ensemble groups.
John Zaradin, Eric Hill, Olé Halen, Janne Lehtinen and Leslee Booth are all experienced, live performing and recording musicians who undertake to explain and demonstrate the techniques needed for playing, arranging and improvising music in Latin Jazz styles on the guitar. The De Parys Trio consists of Martin Hughes, Violin, Jill Hughes, Flute, together with Eric's guitar. This combination of instruments provides opportunities for a wonderfully eclectic repertoire and hugely enjoyable concerts. The website of the North Bucks Guitar Club. The club meets monthly to play ensemble music plus members solos, duets etc. Eric Hill is a musical director of the club. Eric uses a Fishman Loudbox amplifier + microphone to provide very high quality characteristically acoustic sound reinforcement in the De Parys Trio setting. He also uses a Fishman Aura Acoustic Blender for situations requiring higher volume. Eric uses this digital sheet music technology which allows pages to be "turned" silently using a foot pedal. Christopher Dean is one of the leading makers of classical guitars in the world today and his instruments are personified by their combination of aesthetic beauty and outstanding tone qualities. "Chris's guitars have clarity, warmth, projection and a myriad of possible sounds. Chris is a true craftsman - one of the best guitar builders in the world." Eden - Stell Duo "David Merrin is one of the best young guitar makers I know. His guitars have rich warm basses and singing trebles with sustain and clarity. David's craftsmanship is simply wonderful. High quality concert guitars. " Graham Anthony Devine Les' guitars are made in the traditional Spanish way and incorporate elements from the work of Bouchet, Romanillos and Clarke. "They have good balance between the bass and treble and the amount of volume was impressive. In both quality and price they compete very favourably with instruments by long established makers." Ray Burley